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First DoctorEdit

No. of Eps Title Writer Type Year of Release
1 The Longest Story in the World Paul Magrs Short Story 2000
1 Hunters of Earth
4 An Unearthly Child Anthony Coburn & C. E. Webber Television 1963
7 The Daleks
2 The Edge of Destruction
7 Marco Polo
1 The Sorcerer's Apprentice Christopher Bulis Novel 1995
6 The Keys of Marinus
4 The Aztecs
6 The Sensorites
6 The Reign of Terror
1 City at World's End
3 Planet of Giants
6 The Dalek Invasion of Earth
2 The Rescue
4 The Romans
6 The Web Planet
4 The Crusade
4 The Space Museum
6 The Chase
4 The Time Meddler
2 Frostfire
4 Galaxy 4 William Emms Television 1965
1 Mission to the Unknown
4 The Myth Makers
12 The Daleks' Master Plan
4 The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve
4 The Ark
4 The Celestial Toymaker
4 The Gunfighters
2 Mother Russia Marc Platt Audio Story 2007
4 The Savages
4 The War Machines
4 The Smugglers
1 Ten Little Aliens Stephen Cole Novel 2002
4 The Tenth Planet

Second DoctorEdit

No. of Eps Title Writer Type Year of Release
6 The Power of the Daleks David Whitaker Television 1966
6 The Macra Terror Ian Stuart Black Television 1967
1 Shadow of Death Simon Guerrier Audio 2013

Third DoctorEdit

Fourth DoctorEdit

Fifth DoctorEdit

Sixth DoctorEdit

Seventh DoctorEdit

Eighth DoctorEdit

Ninth DoctorEdit

Tenth DoctorEdit

Eleventh DoctorEdit