Alias(es): Wizard
Species: Avalonian
Origin: Avalon
First Appearance: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Portrayed by: N/A

Gramling was a Wizard, who worked for King Magnus and Queen Leonora of Fluxford as a wise adviser. When the TARDIS crew arrived, he offered to help open its sealed doors. After fighting off the world-famous dark wizard, Marton Dhal, his old apprentice, he offered to use the Merlin's Helm in order to destroy all evil in Avalon.

While he waited in the castle, he refused to show Barbara the books he had studied on the Helm, because he claimed that he had burnt them. When the Doctor returned from his long quest with Sir Bron of Westhold, he discovered that the book remained. During the ceremony to use the Helm, Gramling was found to be the play-thing of Dhal who had been using him as an insider. However, it turned out that Gramling had wanted the Helm of his own accord to change the ways of Avalon. However, he was stopped and died after loss of strength while using Magic against the Doctor. (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)