Marton Dhal
Alias(es): Dhal, Apprentice
Species: Avalonian
Origin: Avalon
First Appearance: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Portrayed by: N/A

Marton Dhal was the old apprentice of Gramling who had captured Susan Foreman and Princess Melissa in order to threaten Fluxford. He kept them in his Black Tower where he also worked on preventing other forces from nearing. He became angry when discovering that other-wolders were trying to enter the atmosphere and so used his Magic to prevent them. During Susan and Melissa's stay, Dhal had been infusing them with an overcoming spell.

At the Battle of Raven's Tor, Dhal rode the largest of the dragons and took flight all the way to Fluxford. When arriving, Gramling had been wearing Merlin's Helm and so he had supposedly overcome his old master. However, during a commotion, Dhal's body was swapped and so he died wearing the Helm. (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)