Alias(es): Leader
Species: Human
Origin: Earth
First Appearance: An Unearthly Child
Portrayed by: Derek Newark

Za was the appointed leader of the Tribe of Gum.


In order for him to gain leadership, he needed to prove that he could provide fire for the tribe. This would also stop his counterpart, Kal from becoming leader instead. He placed the TARDIS crew inside the Cave of Skulls in order to make fire. When they escaped he and his future partner, Hur chased after them into the Forest of Fear. However, he was attacked by a deadly beast and injured. His prisoners helped him be treated and he was returned to the tribe.

When his title was threatened after Kal returned to kill Za, he managed to kill Kal instead claiming his rightful title. Although the TARDIS crew had already escaped, leaving him helpless to make fire.


Za was a brave warrior, but he was stupid at times. He had no regard for others, only himself and his future path. He stupidness showed when he was attacked by a beast in the forest. His disregard appeared when he refused to thank the TARDIS crew for treating him of his wounds and recaptured them, placing them in the Cave of Skulls once more.